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GstarCAD is well-known alternative CAD software of high compatibility with ACAD. With 25 years of continuous improvement and lean innovation, today GstarCAD is far ahead in performance, stability and other key indicators and becomes leading CAD software in the world.


Compare GstarCAD Professional and GstarCAD Standard

GstarCAD 2024

SKU: 0001

GstarCAD 2024 comes out with comprehensively 3D optimization, newer practical features and important enhancements, making your design smoother and efficient. With the best-ever performance, seamless compatibility and the full functionalities, GstarCAD 2024 becomes the most desirable alternative CAD.

New Interface

GstarCAD 2024 offers you a concise and familiar interface which you can easily customize. The new attractive dark color theme and icon designs will reduce your eyes strain. It’s also available for you to display and rearrange elements like the toolbars, display the command bar, switch between workspaces, change the interface themes, customize your own interface and enable the status bar. The toolbars and command bar can also be floated anywhere on the screen or docked as well.

New Quick Propertiesa

Quick Properties is a set of objects properties displayed through the Properties Palette. GstarCAD 2024 is able to customize your own Quick Properties, you can decide to show your preferred object type with selected object properties to save the limited drawing space.

In Quick Properties menu, you can choose object types and properties of the object which you want to show in Quick Properties palette. You are allowed to enable and disable the properties of the objects as needed. Additional, you can override the General Properties for all Object Types and restore the settings for Quick Properties.

New Collaboration Features

GstarCAD Collaboration enables cross-department and cross-team design collaboration based on DWG drawings, allowing designers/draftsmen easily to trace and return back to any previous version and locate design changes by one click, ensuring design quality and overall accuracy. To further improve team efficiency, GstarCAD 2024 adds more new features in Coloration such as Milestone, Project Branches, Export Logs, View Drawing Changes, and Reference File Relocation.

New IFC File Format Import and Export

GstarCAD 2024 supports .IFC file format import and export. IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is a standard format used in building and construction industry that provides interoperability between different software applications. Since IFC format supported in GstarCAD 2024, you can import and export standard IFC file format, as well as view 3D models by category and operate in GstarCAD conveniently.

New and Improvement PDF Import and Export

More and more designers require to edit the PDF file vector based directly in GstarCAD rather than just import a pdf as reference. GstarCAD 2024 can not only insert the PDF file as underlay, but also has the ability to eidt the imported PDF objects and export the PDF with a high quality.


GstaCAD allows you to import the objects from a PDF file as editable objects.

You can access the Import PDF from File-Import-PDF, you can input PDFIMPORT command or click Insert Tab- Import Panel-PDF Import.

Select a PDF file, after clicking open button, the Import PDF dialog box will pop up:

Improvement Export PDF

As you kown, GstarCAD has the ablity to export to various of file formats, such as DWF, DWFX, WMF, EMF,SAT,STL, EPS, DXX, BMP, DWG file formats. GstarCAD is focusing on the user experience, develops and publishes features that users highly request constantly. GstarCAD 2024 supports to export to PDF file format. You can access this feature from File button - Export - PDF or input EXPORTPDF from the command line.

GstarCAD 2024 improved 3D performance, 3D functionalities, 3D display effect and accuracy. View and edit 3D model will be more accuracy and fluency in GstarCAD 2024.

JOIN Command Improvement

More objects supported by JOIN command in GstarCAD 2024. Included line, pline, arc and spline.  

Display Improvement for 4K Monitor

Support for high resolution monitors continues to be improved in GstarCAD 2024 to ensure the best possible viewing experience even on 4K displays and higher. Commonly used user interface elements, such as the Start tab, Command line, palettes, dialog boxes, toolbars and grips are appropriately scaled and displayed as per the Windows setting.

GRX Interface Improvement

GstarCAD offers friendly development interface. Nowadays, hundreds of professional applications and industrial solutions are running on GstarCAD. In GstarCAD 2024, the GRX interface has been further refined and make developers more easily to switch their applications to GstarCAD.

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