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Remarkable performance and compatibility

Top Reasons why GstarCAD is the best Drafting Software

GstarCAD comes with multiple features that make it one of the best Drafting Software in India. GstarCAD is the best software for CAD, developed by Gstarsoft. With the help of GstarCAD, you can design, simulate, check-in augmented reality. Let's take a look at some of the top reason why designers love GstarCAD.


1. Simple & Familiar UI

User Interface is one of the most prominent points to consider while choosing any CAD design software. If the UI is too complex or highly unfamiliar, it becomes difficult and time-consuming to use such software.


Thankfully, GstarCAD comes with a straightforward & familiar UI. If you have worked on ACAD in the past, you will find GstarCAD's UI quite familiar. We have designed the whole interface in a way that you won't need any specialized training.


Moreover, all the tools are easily accessible & easy to use. You can switch between 2D drafting & Classic interface without any fuss. This feature gives a lot of flexibility & gives an option to chose between the interface.


2. Multi-party Collaboration

This feature sets us apart from the rest! GstarCAD allows you to collaborate with your team members across the globe. Your whole team can work collectively in a mutual drawing reference environment. All the alterations that any of your team members make are saved in real-time. This feature boosts your team's efficiency & helps you save a lot of time on one CAD design. Over time, we have constantly upgraded our system to make Collaboration more effective & efficient.


3. Multi-platform Functionality

At GstarCAD, we believe in continuous evolution. With DWG Fast view, we have made it extremely simple to view & manage all your drawings easily across multiple platforms. You can utilize your DWG files on your mobile phone, desktop or laptop using the lightener.


If you want to make some last-minute changes in the CAD design & do so from a web browser without any installation or downloading. Such a multi-platform functionality makes us unique & more efficient than our competitors.


4. BIM support & PDF import

Another stunning feature of GstarCAD is our BIM (Building Information Modelling). Our BIM system uses an IFC file format that improves the interoperability between any app that you are using & our software.

Moreover, you can directly import raster images from any PDF document & can use them as a GstarCAD Object in your drawing.

These features drastically improve the speed of CAD designing.


5. Cost-effective Licensing

We believe every Business is different & so are their requirements. So we have highly licensing terms. You can either select our "Perpetual Licensing", or you can go with "Perpetual Licensing + Subscription Plan”.

When you buy a Perpetual License, you get the right to use it as long as you want, without any subscription.

But if you want Perpetual License with a subscription plan, 2nd option is better. In both conditions, you get round the clock support & a Perpetual License to use our services.


With every upgrade, we add multiple features to GstarCAD, making it one of the most efficient & powerful CAD design software in India.

GstarCAD offers a versatile selection of software for CAD to fit all user needs and skill levels. So, if you are looking for the best Drafting Software in India, look no further!

Familiar &
Easy Switch

  • Native DWG/DXF support

Completely compatible with AutoCAD ® in data format.

  • Familiar interface and command

Support both Classic and Ribbon interface.

Get started with familiar command structure and shortcut.

  • Easy to import

Import your printers, templates, blocks, Lisp programs or sheet set layouts with just several clicks.

Just 15 minutes you will find you are familiar with GstarCAD

Innovative Tools

Speed up your drafting with unique practical tools

GstarCAD offers over 100 unique and innovation tools like “Collaboration”, “Area Table”, “Auto Layer”, “Viewport to Layout”, “Autoxlstable”. They are adopted to significantly speed up your drafting speed.

Better than ever

GstarCAD takes design productivity to new heights with accelerated performance, enhanced compatibility for BIM data and APIs, along with a host of new and improved tools to elevate your design experience!


Performance Enhancement

The stability and performance has significantly improved in GstarCAD 2024, enhancing your design workflow. Large raster images processing is faster and smoother with high display quality, Hatch preview and lineweight display remains in high performance even in complex drawings.


API Enhancement

With 100% integrity in core module interfaces that are most commonly used, .NET secondary development interface has been greatly enhanced in GstarCAD 2024. Besides, encoding format of the LISP module has also been optimized and adjusted to ensure complete compatibility.


Dynamic Input

In GstarCAD 2024, Dynamic Input system is upgraded by adding Dimension Input, vertical Dynamic Prompts list and separating Pointer Input boxes to provide easier-to-use experience for design professionals and improve design efficiency.

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