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GstarCAD Collaboration

With new technologies, innovative features and outstanding performance, the DWG-based Collaborative Design of GstarCAD helps improve project design efficiency and significantly reduce error and cost.

DWG-based Collaborative Design Platform

Based on new technologies like drawing data incremental storage and transmission, Collaborative Design of GstarCAD enables cross-department and cross-team design collaboration based on DWG drawings, allowing designers/draftsmen easily to trace and return back to any previous version and locate design changes by one click, ensuring design quality and overall accuracy of specific projects.

Advantages of GstarCAD Collaboration


Drawing data incremental storage and transmission


Timely, synchronous and asynchronous drawing data update


Multi-person and multi-direction drawing reference


Smart drawing version management and tracing

Multi-person and multi-direction drawing reference

  • Support bilateral, nested and circular drawing reference

  • Easy to confirm design progress of other teams and members

  • Possible to display, hide and detach reference drawing at any time

  • In time check and handle conflicts and collisions, reduce design errors at early stages


Flexible drawing reference management

  • Concise and clear tree structure of drawing reference relations

  • Automatically break nested or circular reference

  • Possible to fold/unfold reference relations and hide/display reference at any time

  • Grey display of reference drawings, easy view and edit of current drawing

Timely, synchronous and asynchronous data submission and update

  • Timely submission and update of current drawing, like real-time collaboration

  • Real time reminder, user decides whether to submit and update drawing immediately

  • User decides when to submit and update drawings or, user works offline and submits or updates drawings when becoming online


Drawing data incremental storage and transmission

  • Only save and submit design changes, minimize amount of drawing data storage and transmission

  • Ensure efficiency and timeliness of drawing data transmission and update

Smart drawing version management and tracing

  • Every submission is retained as a version (incremental storage)

  • Possible to view historical versions based on dates and logs

  • Possible to trace back and restore any historical version


Easy check of design changes in reference drawings

  • Check modifications of all reference drawings at the same time

  • Directly view design changes by color distinction, or check details one by one

  • Possible to modify drawings according to the changes

  • Possible to switch confirmed changes to non-display

Roles and permission management throughout project

  • Project leader can assign role and permission to project team members

  • Each team member can access (read/edit/save/submit) to drawing files according to permissions

  • Each team member can export drawing files according to permissions


Convenient project import and export

  • Easy to import Xref projects into collaborative design system

  • Automatic converting Xref relations to collaborative design reference relations

  • Easy to export collaborative design project to DWG drawings

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