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GstarCAD Architecture 2021

GstarCAD Architecture simplifies drawing steps, providing more convenient, faster and more cost-effective solutions for architectural plan and construction drawing.

3D Software that makes design for everyone

3d modelling & designing has opened the doors of infinite opportunities in the field of designing. Multiple designing software has made this task extremely easy & exciting. Out of numerous 3D modelling & 3D designing software available in the market, GstarCAD is one of the most prominent designing Software. This high-end designing software is an excellent option for ACAD, which is extremely expensive. GstarCAD brings all the necessary features to ease the designing & 3D modelling task of any designer.

With more than 27 years in the field, GstarCAD is considered highly safe, stable & efficient compared to its peers. GstarCAD works equally well on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Web-browsers & Android. It gives designers a lot of flexibility & compatibility to the designers, simplifying the complex designing tasks.

Its UI is super-simple, easy to master & highly efficient, so anyone with even a basic CAD knowledge can use it effectively. With features like Herirachical Memory Exchange, Intelligent Display & Graphic Data Adaptive Compression, GstarCAD has simplified large drawings. Its multi-platform compatibility allows you to access your DWG files from Laptops, Mobiles & even Web-browser. This feature empowers new designers & creators to access their files on the go.

Its flexible licensing system is also a good reason for making it a primary choice for designers. All these features truly make GstarCAD a 3D software that truly makes 3D modelling for everyone.

Plan & visualize your Home design

Planning & Visualize your Home Design is extremely easy with GstarCAD. It doesn't matter whether you plan to build a new home, extend the current one, create a tree-house, or create an interior design for a commercial plan; GstarCAD has got you covered.

Our wide range of tools helps you Plan, Create & Visualize your Home design easily. GstarCAD is designed to simplify the designing task for professionals. You can design your Home in 2D or 3D with hundreds of objects for rendering. You can select a pre-designed layout, or you also have an option to create a layout from scratch.

The best part is, you can access .dwg from any platform. Whether it's your laptop, desktop or mobile. You can also collaborate with any other individual while designing the process. All you have to do is upload your.DWG file & you are good to go!

Even if you do not have access to your system, you can use GstarCAD on a Web browser without downloads or installation. You can create unique designs for Home easily with GstarCAD. Its easy to use Interface & efficient tool-set makes your job too easy. You can select from hundreds of furniture, cars structures & everything else that you will ever need.

With flexible licensing & competitive rates, you get the best Home Design & modelling features. Over the years, we have perfected GstarCAD to ensure that you get the best services.

3D CAD Software for 3D Drawing, Design & Printing

3D Drawing Design & printing begins with a powerful 3D design software. 3D animations have become a vital part of the manufacturing, gaming & architecture industries. An efficient 3D design tool can is vital to meet the current industry needs.

Over the years, GstarCAD has established itself as an industry leader in the 3D design & print industry. With extremely familiar UI, GstarCAD is easy to operate & doesn't need any special training. You can create designs from scratch, or you can also utilize readymade designs for 3D printing.

With GstarCAD, you get a plethora of tools that can help you simplify designing & printing task. As a Cloud-based solution that allows you to create stunning designs for 3D printing. You can use it either from your Web browser, where you do not have to download or install it on your system. All you have to do is visit our website & upload your DWG file & start editing it instantly.

You can also download our fully featured software that allows you conveniently manage & handle all your DWG files with ease.

In short, GstarCAD is a top-rated 3D design & 3D printing Software that you can use for multiple designs.


What is GstarCAD Architecture?

GstarCAD Architecture uses associative and parametric building components to create construction plan drawings based on custom object technologies. 2D drawings and 3D models are generated synchronously to satisfy not only the demand of construction drawing but also the 3D visualization of building.

Innovative Function

GstarCAD Architecture provides a whole set of professional and innovative functions for construction drawing, e.g. Wall linkage, Bay-window, Object statistics management, Dimension and Coordinate.

Intelligent Operation

GstarCAD Architecture can improve work efficiency. By using custom object technologies, display relation between different objects is processed correctly and automatically without any additional edit.


My Cloud

GstarCAD Architecture drawings can be opened and handled from DWG FastView via My Cloud, which allows accessing and sharing drawings by different hardware devices anytime and anywhere.

Architecture Objects

The software provides different styles of walls, doors, windows, stairs, columns, roof and other objects. You can create them or edit their properties easily by dialog box or in property palettes.

3D Model

With custom object technologies, all building components drawn on architectural plan are able to be displayed in 3D model synchronously. It realizes the true integration of 2D and 3D in the design process.


Dimension & Symbol

User can quickly and easily complete dimensioning of wall, door, window, stair, etc. It is also very convenient to insert symbols to drawing as needed, such as arrow symbols, elevation symbols and so on.

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