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How to load the missing GstarCAD Interface ?

A missing GstarCAD interface will look like this.

Why this happens ?

This issue generally happens due to changes in the library or Windows.

How to resolve this ?

Follow the steps below to resolve this.

Step 1 – Type ‘CUILOAD’ in the command box.

Dialog box of Load/Unload User Defined Settings will open up.

Step 2 – Click on Browse, click on ‘gcad.cuix’ and open it.

(In case the browsed location appears blank, use this path:


Click on ‘gcad.cuix’ and open it.

Step 3 – Upon Pressing the Open, the Unload/Load User Defined Dialog Box will open, select GCAD and click on Load.

Once you press Load, your GstarCAD interface will restore like before and you can start working.

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