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GstarCAD Tips & Tricks - 55: How do I do object copies along uniform/non-uniform path?

How do I do object copies along uniform/non-uniform path ?

Users know that array command cannot make object copies along non-uniform path. In GstarCAD, unlike array capabilities, LAYOUTBYPATH tool, distributes object copies along a path (uniform/non-uniform) with a variety of array options like: random, division and measure, and array in different directions along the path. You can access from Menu: Express Tools> Modify> Layout by Path.

For example, we can apply this tool to array an object (block) through a non-uniform path (pline) as shown below:

After starting LAYOUTBYPATH command, follow the steps below

1. Please select the object to array: Select the object (block)

2. Please specify the base point: You can specify the base point as center of the object.

3. Specify the object’s direction along the curve<Y axis of WCS>: You can do click up/down the path.

4. Please select the curve: Then select the red spline as a path.

5.Specify select along which side of the curve <left side or forward direction>: you have to specify the side, on which the object will be arrayed. For example, you can specify the left side of the path.

6. Select the method Random (R) / Division (F) / Measure (D):

Random: Arrays selected object along the path on a specified point according to user’s need. Division: Arrays selected object automatically along the path by inputting the number of objects. Measure: Arrays the selected object automatically along the path by inputting the distance value.

For example, if we do not know the distance between objects but we know the objects quantity, we can select the option Division:

After selecting the option, a message will be displayed:

Enter the number: You can enter the value 11

After entering the value, a prompt message will be displayed:

Pick a point on the curve as start point (Distribute from the end curve when selection is empty):

Then pick the object center point. See the result below:

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