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GstarCAD Tips & Tricks - 53: How can I arrange objects horizontal or vertically?

How can I arrange objects horizontal or vertically ?

Users are tired arranging a bunch of objects manually by using move command. In GstarCAD you can use ARRANGETOOL command to quickly adjust the arrangement (vertically or horizontally) of multiple selected objects such as rectangles, circles, splines, lines, plines, blocks even texts. This tool has different arrangement methods and also includes spacing option for column and row. This arrangement options can be combined as well. You can access from Menu: Express Tools> Modify> Arrange Tool.

For example, ArrangeTool makes the bearings evenly distributed in the shaft.

Another example, we can apply this tool for arrange the part numbers distribution over the leader lines. Notice that the objects to be selected are Mtext and will be distributed according to the top object level as a reference. After started the command, a prompt message will display > Please select the object to arrange:

Then select the part numbers. After select the pa