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GstarCAD Tips & Tricks - 47: How to change referenced file layer properties in master file?

How to change referenced file layer properties in master file ?

When you work with engineers and architects, they might use your structure drawings as reference in their drawings. The problem is each engineer probably has their own standard. You might need to change layer properties for their drawings so it can fit your standard. So how you can do that? Do you have to create a copy of the drawing, make necessary changes before you can use it as reference? That would defeat the purpose of XREF, isn’t it?

Changing layer properties in master file

Before we start, let’s make a naming convention to avoid confusion:

We will call the file where you attach the external references as master file.

We will call the attached reference as referenced file.

1. Try to attach a XREF or external reference.

2. Open the layer properties manager. This will list the layers from referenced file as well.

3. Under XREF category you will see all referenced files name. When you select the file name it will only list the layers in that file. You should see the layers as FILE NAME | LAYER NAME (2).

4. You can change the properties here. Whatever you do here, will not change the original layer properties. Try to change color, line weight, freeze/thaw, etc.

5. Save the master file and try to open the referenced file. You should see it will not change the original file layer properties. The properties are specific for master file only.

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