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GstarCAD Tips & Tricks - 44: How to use GstarCAD Layer walk?

How to use GstarCAD Layer walk ?

Have you ever get confused which created objects are on which layer? When you work with layer standard, you may have dozens or even hundreds of layers in your drawing. Finding which one sets to wrong layer can be a tedious work. Here is a tip: Type LAYWALK command to activate this tool. Alternatively, you can access it from menu: Format> Layer Tools> Layer Walk. Or access it from your ribbon: home tab>layers panel> layer walk.

With this tool, you can quickly check if your objects are placed correctly in their layer. You can turn off restore on exit if you find the one placed in wrong layer and move it.

Hold a layer

You can show multiple layers by pressing ctrl key then make the selection. Or, if you don’t like pressing ctrl, you can right click then select hold selection from context menu.

Create layer states

Another interesting thing it can make is layer state. Creating layer state may be a bit tedious, but it is easy using layer walk! Simply select all layers you want to turn on. It should be easy because it’s fast and you can quickly see the changes on your screen. Now right click, then select save layer state from context menu. Type the layer state name, then you’re done! Very easy, right?

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