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GstarCAD Tips & Tricks - 39: Copy relevant features from another drawing

How to copy relevant features from another drawing ?

Users will have the ability to copy relevant drawing features like dimension and text styles, blocks, layers, linetypes and xrefs from Drawing A and add it to Drawing B using DESIGNCENTER tool in GstarCAD.

  1. To open DesignCenter, you can either use Ctrl +2, or go to the View tab>Palettes panel>DesignCenter.

  2. Navigate to the drawing containing the layout tab you would like to add to the current drawing.

  3. Expand the drawing node by clicking the plus sign (+) to display the available content from that drawing which can be brought into the current drawing.

  4. For example, click on the Linetype to display the linetypes contained in that drawing.

  5. Select the linetype you want and drag it into the drawing area!

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