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GstarCAD Tips & Tricks - 31: Four SHIFT key combination you might not know

4 SHIFT key combination you might not know

It is great to know that GstarCAD offers keys combination that helps modify basic objects quickly. Many people don’t realize that using shift combination can increase their productivity. Here is a little list that might interest you:

1. Hold [shift] + right click.

This shortcut key combination will display context menu for snap overrides really quickly. Try to hold [shift] then right click. Release, then press [E] to activate end point snap.

2. Hold [shift] for temporary ortho mode

Holding this key while you draw, will activate temporary ortho mode. Exactly like when you activate ortho mode by pressing [F8]. But this is just temporary.

3. Holding [shift] while chamfering and filleting

You know what will happen if we hold this shortcut key when we use chamfer or fillet? It will override the distance or radius value, and will use 0 (zero) value! Pretty nice.

4. Holding [shift] while using trim/extend

When we use trim, sometimes we want to extend other objects to the same reference. You don’t have to finish your trim session, and activate extend to do it. Just hold [shift], then trim will be inverted to extend command. This work on the other way when extend command is active, it becomes trim!

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