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GstarCAD Tips & Tricks - 07: Blocks - Duplicate & Add descriptions to block definition

1. How to duplicate block definition ?

When we want to create a similar block from existing block, how do you do it? Explode it and recreate block with different name? You will have a lot of problem when you have block with many dynamic block parameters and actions! In dynamic block editor, we can save the block as different name. Yes, there is ‘save block as’ tool in open/save panel!

2. How to add descriptions to blocks ?

GstarCAD has the ability to add descriptions to the block definitions in the drawing.

  1. Issue the BLOCK command.

  2. Select the block from the list at top.

  3. Click in the lower 'Description' section and enter the description.

  4. Choose OK to redefine the block with the new description.

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