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GstarCAD Tips & Tricks - 03: Zoom Speed & Direction

1. How to change zoom speed?

Have you ever felt like the middle mouse wheel zoom is too fast or too slow when drawing? It can depend on the scale of the drawing and objects you are working on, or perhaps even your mood.

This speed of the zoom in and out is controlled by a system variable named ZOOMFACTOR.

The default of the system variable ZOOMFACTOR is 60.

You type ZOOMFACTOR and then change the value.

This is another one of those little settings that allow you to make GstarCAD more tailored to your use whether you like warp speed zooms or turtle slow zooming with the mouse wheel.

2. How to change zoom direction?

Another related system variable is ZOOMWHEEL which can toggles the direction of transparent zoom operations when you scroll the middle mouse wheel.


Moves wheel forward zooms in; moving wheel backwards zooms out.


Move wheel forward zooms out; moving wheel backwards zooms in.


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